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Are Russia

Are Russia is part of the Finnish concern Are Oy, with more than 100-year history of work in the market. Over the years, the family enterprise Are Oy has become an international corporation with a representative office in Russia. In just a few years the company has localized its production facilities in the North-West of the country and today acts as an experienced player in the engineering and construction market. The rich experience in the implementation of international construction and service projects, as well as the company’s own developments, allowed the market to offer innovative solutions in the field of engineering systems. By combining Finnish technologies, Soviet and Russian engineering and construction experience, the company was able to provide the market with a range of services in four main lines of work: Are facility management – ensuring the livelihoods of real estate; Are service – ensuring trouble-free and trouble-free operation of systems; Are property management – planning of development of investment potential of large objects of the real estate; Are expert – technical consulting and audit, designing of capital investments in the system of vital activity of buildings.


Ville Paasonen
+7 921 932 33 71

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