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ERIKKILA Group is a manufacturer of ergonomic light crane systems, lifting equipment, bridge cranes and robotic cranes. ERIKKILA’s mission is to design and produce innovative workshop crane solutions for industrial environments. More than 100 years ERIKKILA’s brand has been recognised for committed entrepreneurship, innovative engineering skills, high-quality technical realisation and persistence.

ERIKKILA’s main office and factory operates near Helsinki, in Masala, Finland. Since 2005 OOO ERIKKILA has been offering sales, installation and maintenance services directly to its industrial customers in Russia. OOO ERIKKILA’s office is located in St. Petersburg.

ERIKKILA’s culture encourages capturing of opportunities, taking advantage of technical know-how and innovations and building a long-term value to all ERIKKILA’s stakeholders.


Kalle Lassila
+358 40 546 5645

Sergei Brauman
+7 812 332 2843

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