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Itella is one of the leaders on Russian logistics market. Annually the company handles more than 1.5 million tons of cargo at its warehouse sites. The available resources allow Itella develop individual logistics solution for each customer, both for large companies and for small players just entering the Russian market. Itella has experience in providing safe storage and handling at warehouse, goods transportation and electronic fulfillment and delivery services to eCommerce companies.The total area of warehouses is ~ 400,000 m² in Moscow and regions. Itella has a rich experience of cooperation with companies from such segments as pharmaceuticals, FMCG, electronics and household appliances, Fashion, DIY, auto parts and components, industrial and agricultural equipment. Itella is your priority choice in the field of warehousing and transport services, as well as eCommerce. We support trading processes and make everyday life simple and easy for our customers in 10 countries of the world.


Maria Domasheva
+7 968 531 0207

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