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OOO LujaBetomix is the only foreign company among concrete producers on Saint-Petersburg market. LujaBetomix’ founders are two largest Finish concrete producers, Rudus and Lujabetoni which merged in 2014 to strengthen their positions on the Russian market.

LujaBetomix has 6 concrete plants in Saint-Petersburg, as well as a accredited laboratory and its own auto transportation department. LujaBetomix company has an extensive experience in ready-mixed concrete delivery to both residential and industrial objects. In 2014 our company was selected in consequence of competition as a concrete supplier for Lahta-Center project due to its specialization and work accuracy. Currently LujaBetomix is a supplier of high-quality concrete to the construction of Lahta Center Public and Business complex. In 2015 our company took part in the single-step pouring of the largest supporting concrete structure. The fact is confirmed by the appropriate certificate of the Guinness Book of Records. The massive foundation plate 3.6 m thick with volume 19624 m3 was poured at the construction site of the Lahta-Center tower.


Sergei Lunkov
+7 921 914 8105



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