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Watrec is a Finnish environmental engineering company, specialised in waste-to-energy solutions. We have been designing and delivering solutions for organic waste and wastewater treatment since 2003. We offer the best available technology and knowledge, enabling economical and profitable waste treatment. In addition, renewable energy and high-quality fertilisers are produced.

Advanced and proven waste-to-energy technologies provide cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. Watrec has extensive experience in designing, developing, building, and operating these technologies. Our comprehensive solutions cover all these phases in a waste-to-energy plant, which guarantees high-quality services.

According to our values, we aim to find the best possible solution for our customers. To help our customers to receive maximum benefit, every project will be designed individually. Using this approach, we are able to design an optimal solution for each case. Therefore, our motto is: Ecologic, Economic, Efficient.

Juhani Suvilampi

Managing Director
Tel. +358 400 801 41