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Kuusakoski Recycling

Finnish waste management technologies are effectively applied in Russia KUUSAKOSKI Recycling in Russia JSC PETROMAX Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

Мore than 100 years of professional experience in the processing and disposal of production and consumption waste, environmentally friendly methods and technologies for processing raw materials, and a wide geography of services.

Highly qualified staff and own production facilities.

In 1991 KUUSAKOSKI opened its first processing site in Russia.


JSC ”PETROMAX” provides services throughout the Russian Federation, the main divisions are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Professional and safe waste disposal II-V hazard classes

Reliable transportation

Special interior logistics, taking into account the  specific equipment life cycles

Photo \ video fixation of all production processes

Services provided by JSC “PETROMAX” :

Comprehensive services to companies

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Secure data destruction

Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Car recycling

Consultations on environmental legislation.

Execution of a complete package of documentation on waste management in the enterprise, including the issue of extended liability of the manufacturer (importer).

Improving the efficiency of the waste management system aimed at reducing costs associated with waste disposal.

Providing containers.

Installation of additional equipment to reduce the amount of waste removed.

Staff training in selective waste collection.

Round-the-clock waste collection including weekends and holidays.

Services purchase of materials (payment for materials received).

Logistic services.

Providing reporting environmental and accounting documentation.

Absolute compliance with the environmental legislation of Russian Federation and European standards

  • License to carry out activities for the collection, transportation, processing, recycling disposal, disposal of waste I-IV classes of danger № 050 075 date 21.08.2017
  • License to operate on procuring, processing and sale of non-ferrous and ferrous scrap № 143 date 11.07.2013
  • Certificate of special registration № YuL7801608118 was issued by the State Assay Inspection Inspectorate for Moscow and Moscow Region date 04.06.2019
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • OHSAS 18001-2007

Ekaterina Radionova,
Leo Uschanov,, JSС Petromax / АО ”ПЕТРОМАКС“, + 7 (495) 995-47-54, /-65,