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  • MetroTaifun® – an automated system for transporting municipal waste for residential districts, whole cities as well as offices, shopping centers and hospitals
  • Taifun® for transporting waste in food industry and on board of fishing vessels
  • More that 1000 systems already installed around the world

Benefits of MetroTaifun® system:

  • Increases effectiveness of waste sorting as the collection is brought closer to residents
  • Containers will never overfill
  • Reduces unpleasant odors, air pollution and micro-particles
  • Reduces need for transport as well as number of pests and insects
  • Enhances security in the yards, shopping centers and streets
  • Has low energy needs and affordable maintenance
  • As a result, recycling and utilization level can reach 99% (as in Finland)

Valentina Vakalova
+7 985 924 7233