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Finland is a leader country in utilization of tyres. According to statistics of 2018, 57 thousand tons of used tyres were collected which corresponds to 7 million automobiles. Practically all tyres that are produced are utilized.

Used tyres are mainly put into secondary use as sound barriers as well as road covers and water treatment systems. Sound barriers are built next to motor ways but also around shooting ranges decreasing noise emissions. In addition, used tyres are used in constructing kid’s playgrounds, sport tracks and racetracks. Rubber scraps are added to asphalt to increase its freeze resistance.

From 2012 Finland has developed innovative ways to use recycled tyres for water treatment. The technology is based on rubber’s ability to filter certain elements and also function as a base for growing microbes. The technology is also used on fields and landfills.

Another option is to utilize tyres as energy or process them using pyrolysis. The first pyrolisis plant based on pyrolisis technology is built in Nokia by a company Kiertoketju Oy.

In Finland, tyres are recycled by the company Kuusakoski.

Visualization of how used tyres are utilized and recycled in Finland:

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