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Waste Management Solutions from Finland

Waste Management Solutions from Finland– series is produced in co-operation with Business Finland, Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of the Environment of Finland and Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The series share best practices and technical solutions from Finland.

Series can be found in FinRusRecycling Youtube channel.

Some series can be found also on Youtube channel of Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce either with English or Russian subtitles.

In the kick-off episode of the series, Waste-to-Energy Solutions from Finland, we look more closely how waste can be utilized as energy. Video explains restrictions of landfilling different waste fractions, what is the role of EU landfill directive in national framework and introduces several Finnish companies in the line of business. Video contains interviews with Woima Corporation, Oulun Energia, Tammervoima and Lahti Energia.


Separate Waste Collection in Finland explains the basics of separate waste collecting and the public structures around it. Finnish Waste Act and extended producer responsibility are the key legislations behind effective and safe waste sorting. Finnish companies like MariMatic, Molok, Europress and Remeo introduce their solutions together with HSY and Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto.


Biogas Solutions from Finland is third episode of the series. The episode explains in detail the difference between digestion and composting and the benefits of producing biogas. Finnish companies like Doranova, Watrec, Hauru, Envor Group and Jepuan Biokaasu, Oulun keskuspesula and Kiertokaari introduce their advanced technical solutions and effective utilization of biogas.


Textile Recycling Solutions from Finland

The textile industry is at a turning point. Textile Recycling in Finland video shows recycling, repurposing and reuse of textile waste. The video presents Finnish solutions for more sustainable textile business. Finnish Companies Lindström, UFF, Globe Hope, Spinnova, Infinited Fiber Company, Emmy and Nordshield introduce their solutions.


Recycling Solutions from Finland explains how various waste fractions are collected, treated, recycled and reused in Finland. The video covers the collection and treatment of plastic, glass, construction waste, the treatment of animal waste, ash by-product streams and the utilization of textile waste.


Circular Economy Solutions from Finland describes how Finnish companies implement the principles of the circular economy in their business, what state regulations have been enacted to support the realization of the circular economy and what the future looks like in the opinion of Finnish experts.


Extended Producer Responsibility in Finland explains the main principles of the Finnish EPR system, shows how the collection system works and recycling and recovery targets are met and examines factors which make Finnish EPR system cost-effective.


Municipal Waste Management Companies in Finland presents main principles of MSW management in Finland and the significant role that municipal waste management companies play in the operation of effective waste management system.


Operation and Closure of Landfills in Finland tells about current situation of landfilling of MSW in Finland, presents legislative framework of landfill operation, decommissioning and monitoring, and introduces effective technologies and innovative practices related to landfill operation, waste utilization, decommissioning and post-closure usage.