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  • RECOMILL is a Finnish company offering profitable and ecological organic waste recycling services. Our modular, modern and efficient organic-waste-to-value solutions streamline waste management profitably. We help you to utilize the by-products in a profitable way. We offer valuable benefits for abattoirs, waste management operators, investors and other stakeholders.Our guiding principle behind RECOMILL’s inception has been to create an easy-to-buy and easy-to-deliver solution that will help protect our environment.


    Recomill HTC

    • Designed for the conversion of wet biomass with 75 to 90% moisture content
    • Transforms wet waste streams into hydro-char
    • It is a much less energy-dependent solution than other waste drying techniques
    • The carbon-neutral hydro-char replaces traditional fossil fuels in power generation thus reducing CO2 emissions
    • works as a soil additive for nutrient enrichment
    • liquid by-product can be used for fertilizing as it is loaded with potassium


    We offer additionally RECOMILL Plant that is a total solution for profitable animal by-product recycling and we also offer professional life cycle services for recycling plants.


Jan Hägg

Director of Business Development

Mobile: +358 45 3507 465

Office:   +358 6 315 7700


Recomill laitteisto

Kuvaaja: Recomill

Recomill laitteisto

Kuvaaja: Recomill