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For producing polyester straps the company purchases used PET bottles from the whole country and processes them in its own factory into a raw material for future PET strap. Every month the company processes 2000 tons of PET bottles.

Packaging strap is made 100% from used bottles. The whole processing cycle happens in facilities located in Kostroma where PET flakes became the base for manufacturing modern, high quality product needed on the packaging material market in Russia and abroad. The company is fully localized and exports its products to more than 50 countries worldwide!

The full PET processing cycle from raw material to the end product makes our company a reliable and profitable partner for regional operators interested in utilizing plastic waste.

During the 26 years of work the company has made large investments in the area of industrial packaging and marking, created from scratch high-technology production of steel and polyester strap and a sales chain including 20 offices, where besides packaging material we offer packaging and marking machinery for companies in metal, wood and construction material industries.


Denis Zavyalov