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Business opportunities will become available in the Saint Petersburg’s fashion market.

St. Petersburg is going to use its creative potential fully and create a special Fashion cluster. The importance of its creation was announced at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2017, during which the the launch of the project called St. Petersburg-Center of the Fashion Industry happened.

Project aims to develop a new approach to fashion in Russia and to create a platform for both Russian and international fashion industry players, a platform where they can share their experiences, ideas and views on the current state of the fashion industry around the world and its role as a significant driver for creative economies and to discuss contemporary trends and the main challenges of the industry. St. Petersburg with its continuously growing amount of tourists hasn’t been accidentally chosen as site for this project.

Why St.Petersburg?

St. Petersburg has:

• over 2000 designers and 450 producers of clothing, footwear, accessories, garments, who are keen to increase their creative potential in this field.
several regular fashion events: SPb Fashion Week, Aurora Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, Fashion Industry Exhibition, Admiralty Needle and other various fashion exhibitions and fairs. The talented designers have a good opportunity to become known in the field and to show their vision and skills to fashion experts.

different cultural and historical places might be chosen for fashion events.

a large number of professional and higher education institutions. Saint Petersburg is ready to offer convenient, clear and familiar format for welcoming foreign designers, to establish conditions for building and maintaining professional connections, contributing to professional and creative exchanges.

Finnish companies are very active in Russia. Through their long presence, good reputation and highly valued product quality Finnish designers could occupy their own niche in the market.

All interested companies please contact:

Elena Marina
Senior Advisor, FRCC
+7 921 869 05 06

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