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Collaboration opportunities for Finnish companies in Kaliningrad region (Russia) in the field of water and wastewater treatment

Kaliningrad region is located on the coast of the Baltic sea and is the westernmost region of the Russian Federation, completely separated from the rest of the country by land borders of foreign countries and international sea waters. Due to its location the region takes an active part in international projects aimed at protecting the waters of the Baltic sea basin from pollution. The main task is the implementation of the risk reduction measures as reducing the discharge of untreated wastewater and the volume of water intake (withdrawal) from surface waters as well as improving wastewater treatment systems.
On June 19, 2018, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kaliningrad region announced the establishment of an Unitary Regional Operator for water supply and sewer system (named Vodokanal). As a result, all water treatment utilities in the region will be merged within 1.5 years. These measures will allow the region to provide centralized management and control, as well as investment in modernization throughout the Region. There are plans to build new complexes using new technologies and effective solutions.

Companies and sectors benefiting from this opportunity

Companies from water and wastewater treatment sector

Solutions or products needed

Producers of the equipment and technologies below:

  • new technologies and equipment for water supply systems, water treatment, purification and sanitation in the urban environment;
  • improvement of water quality, its further post-treatment;
  • engineering and maintenance of sewage treatment plants;
  • treatment, stabilization and disposal of sewage sludge;
  • automation of water supply, treatment and purification systems;
  • control and measuring devices for water quality and consumption monitoring;
  • modern heat exchangers, pumps, valves and compensators;
  • innovative solutions for plumbing systems;
  • anticorrosive protection of buildings and equipment of water treatment facilities;
  • actual regulatory and legal aspects of water legislation.

Team Finland activities available for Finnish companies

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