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Demand for food processing machinery in Russia

The Russian food industry is currently characterized by government efforts seeking to improve the domestic production and replace the use of imported produce. As a result, the local manufacturing companies now need to upgrade their processing equipment with modern machinery.

In 2014, the ban of a list of agricultural products from several countries lead to a substantial increase in the demand for Russian-made food products. The import substitution was brought high up on the agenda and the food processing industries were pushed to use locally produced raw materials, which reflected on a rising demand for modern food processing machinery.

The Russian government has now allocated 8.1 billion euros for the period of 2015-2020 to boost domestic food production and the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia has developed a “Strategy for the Development of the Food Processing Industry of the Russian Federation until 2020”.

The goal of the strategy is to increase the production volume, expand the capacity of the food manufacturing companies as well as develop the local produce to replace imported products and grow its export potential. To do this, the industry is looking for the following equipment:

  • Packaging equipment
  • Equipment for dairy industry
  • Slaughtering lines
  • Complete meat-processing lines
  • Industrial floor cleaning and other cleaning equipment
  • Washing systems

As the local supplier base for machinery remains relatively small, the current trends open up opportunities especially for foreign companies. Finland has a good reputation of being an agricultural country with high quality food production, which gives the Finnish companies a competitive advantage. Especially factories within the diary, bakery and meat industry could be interested in Finnish equipment.

Enter the market with Food from Finland

Business Finland’s Food from Finland program organizes different types of activities to help Finnish companies enter the market. A trip to the Novgorod region is preliminary planned to take place in the autumn of 2018 and the program is investigating the participation in several food exhibitions held in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact:

Irina Krasnova
Advisor (Food), Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce
+7 812 322 21 21

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