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ICT sector in Russia is growing rapidly and needs international innovation

In Russia, there is a gap between ICT knowledge gained in schools and universities, and the actual skills needed in business environments.

According to the Russian Agency for Strategic Initiatives, more than 350 new professions will be created in Russia due to ICT innovation. For example, there is a need for the ICT industry to attract information security professionals due to the increased level of cybercrime in the Russian financial and telecommunications sectors. Currently, the Russian ICT industry lacks between 500.000 and one million personnel in innovative areas such as artificial intelligence, big data and robotics.

The Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education are carrying out initiatives that will significantly increase the supply of IT specialists to Russian industry.

Consequently, the Russian government has launched ’Human Resources for the Digital Economy’ as a key strategy for 2022-2024. The government will allocate in excess of 27.8 billion rubles (EUR 330 million) to improve ICT training and development.

There are three main objectives in the national project:

  1. To increase ICT training for schoolchildren
  2. To develop ICT departments at universities and provide students with a certificate of additional vocational education together with their main diploma
  3. To create a system for external assessment of student learning in ICT education departments.

The initiative of the Russian government is a serious business opportunity for Finnish companies. Russia needs the experience of Finnish companies to enhance the interaction between businesses and educational institutions.

Finnish educational companies and Finnish ICT companies (as well as ICT training experts) are invited to create partnerships with Russian companies and organizations.

Please send a description of your service offering and experience in education and ICT e.g. innovative educational programs for schoolchildren or students and tools for supplementary education and learning technologies. We will identify potential Russian partners for match making.

For more information, please contact Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce’s Evgeniy Korobkin (contact details on the right).

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