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Moscow’s new housing megaproject opens up opportunities for Finnish companies

The city of Moscow starts historical project for improvement of living conditions.

The Government of Moscow has announced a complete demolition of Moscow’s Soviet housing blocks. After the demolition, the new space will be used for the construction of city blocks with new modern housing, kindergartens and schools as well as recreation development.

Moscow plans to demolish about 8 000 buildings (with 25 million square meters) under the new program on liquidation of five-story buildings. There are altogether 560 blocks with old five-story buildings in the city, mainly in the east, south-east and north. They cover approximately 10 % of Moscow’s housing facilities.

Up to 1.6 million Muscovites still live in worn-out dwellings that are beyond repair. Five-story prefabricated apartment blocks built 50 to 60 years ago, have long outlived their temporary status. They were never meant to serve this long. Most of the apartments comprise of one or two rooms alongside a private kitchen and bathroom. The buildings themselves were generally limited to five storeys to avoid the need to install an elevator. These buildings must be razed and new housing should be built instead.

Special headquarters was created to implement this program, which is headed personally by The Mayor of the City of Moscow. The Government of Moscow plans to use approximately RUB 300 billion (EUR ~5 billion) from the city’s budget for this project. Recently, amendments in federal legislation have been approved by the Parliament for starting of this project during 2017.

Previous demolition program of five-story buildings was approved in 1999. Initially, 1722 houses were planned to be dismantled in 10 years. However, the process has not been completed as of yet.

It is possible that this process will be launched from Moscow to other Russian regions as well.

The project is a serious business opportunity for companies from Finland with following specializations in construction, projecting, urban environment design and ecology:

  • demolition of slum dwelling
  • utilization and recycling of demolition waste
  • urban design
  • landscape design
  • housing projecting
  • technologies for construction
  • suppliers for concrete technologies
  • housebuilding
  • public construction
  • energy-efficient solutions for buildings
  • engineering services
  • construction materials producers
  • equipment for construction
  • interior design
  • and others

The Moscow office of Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce will provide business meetings for Finnish companies with responsible authorities of The Government of Moscow and companies attended in this project. The nearest venue is Construction forum of Finnish companies at the Embassy of Finland in Moscow 08 of June 2017.

Interested in this opportunity, please contact:

Senior Advisor FRCC
Evgeniy Korobkin (RU-ENG)

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