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Online Education Market Expects Rapid Growth in Russia

During announced quarantine measures schools, preschools and other educational institutions had to switch to remote education which resurrected the need to explore the challenges and opportunities of distance (online) education in the country and forced online learning boom.

According to data from 2019 the volume of Russian online education market (b2c) reached 462,7 M EUR with average annual growth rate of 20%. It is expected that the market volume will reach 662,2 M EUR by the end of 2023.

However, even the most advanced Moscow schools which switched to remote learning, were not ready for virtual education. Approx. 80 % of school teachers faced technical and psychological issues. Even the best teachers lack the expertise in creating online lessons. Experts say that it will take time to adapt to the new training format. In addition, it became clear that in order to implement the distance educational format, it is necessary to build an appropriate learning environment.

Extensive Russian government-driven plans and initiatives for increasing use of digital solutions in education are included in two National Programs: ”Education” and ”Digital Economy”. The initiatives aim to improve digital skills and virtual learning environment which is driving the demand for international service providers and technology partners.

This presents an excellent opportunity for Finnish companies in areas such as digital content creation, teachers’ training, gamification, simulation tools and other consultancy.

Finland has a reputation as an education powerhouse and a country with a varied portfolio of learning solutions and related digital products to cover the needs.


  • companies providing solutions and products for online & distance learning


  • tools for content and course creation & development
  • online courses/lessons for students
  • programs for developing soft and digital skills
  • language learning solutions
  • IT tools for teaching
  • teachers’ training programs
  • digital tools in education management
  • digital materials for teachers
  • other consultancy on education & learning


Networking is essential for succeeding on the market. Events, meetings and business missions provide possibilities for strong cooperation with the main stakeholders.

To use this opportunity and have possibility to meet your potential clients please consider the following Team Finland events arranged by the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce together with Team Finland and The Embassy of Finland in Moscow.

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