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Opportunities in the Private Education Sector in Russia

Demand for high-quality education is on the rise in Russia. It is expected that several new private schools will be established in the next couple of years. This opens up opportunities for Finnish education experts.

The government of Russia is currently doing its best to jump-start the education system. However, improvements are taking time and most expats and affluent parents choose to send their children to private schools in search of high-quality education and individual approach.

Russia has approximately 600 private schools, 15-20% of them are premium-class schools. About 300 of private schools are located in Moscow and Moscow region. An average private school has 120 students, the average class size being 12- 15 students. It is expected that demand for the most prestigious schools will be high in the near future. According to estimates increase in the number of private schools will be around 3-5% yearly.

Relevant offering

Finnish education experts are well placed to benefit from the opportunities created by Russia’s demand for high-quality education, particularly in the following areas:

  • Consultancy
  • Teacher training
  • Enhancement of learning materials, Digital learning solutions/Educational Technology (distance learning)
  • Architecture, furnishing, lighting, IT (smart classrooms) and infrastructure solutions
  • Safety and security solutions

Potential clients include e.g.

  • Private schools
  • Private infant schools
  • Private language learning schools and centers
  • International schools in Russia
  • Early Childhood Development Centers

Seizing the opportunity

Finnish education has a strong reputation in Russia, and there is clear interest in the Finnish know-how and solutions.

To facilitate Finnish education experts’ market entry, Registered Association Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce (FRCC) organizes an Education Seminar in Moscow in February, 2017.

For further information, please contact:

Elena Kozhevnikova,

Keskustelua aiheesta

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