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Opprotunities for Finnish Waste Management Companies in Russia 2021

Around 60 million tons of MSW is generated each year in Russia and the volume of waste has been steadily increasing in recent years. Around 93-97% of all MSW is sent for disposal to landfills without sorting. Only 5-7 percent is disposed in an environmentally friendly manner. Waste dumping is quite common. The authorities started to realize the huge environmental risks and now Russia is thinking about improvement of its waste management system. The integrated strategy for MSW treatment as well as green initiatives in the industrial sector in Russia create opportunities for Finnish bioeconomy companies.

The integrated strategy for treatment of MSW has to be implemented by 2030. According to the strategy the target level of recycling is 60%. Russia has already adopted new legislation to reform waste sector. There are more than 200 regional operators in the country responsible for collecting waste from the population as well as for its recycling, processing and disposal. A large-scale national project Ecology 2018-2024 was announced as an additional financial incentive. Many activities related to waste management will also be carried out within the framework of this project.  The main problems associated with the implementation of the reform are the lack of countrywide separate waste collection and incentive measures for its organization as well as the efficient recycling of the waste and their further use. One of the possible ways to solve the issue is to create industrial clusters specializing in waste sorting and recycling. In the summer 2020 the Government approved a ”road map” for the implementation of separate waste collection and in February 2021 some measures were taken to create industrial parks with production facilities based on the use of secondary raw materials obtained from MSW and industrial waste. Number of industrial parks are planned to be built in Russia by 2030.  ​

ESG standards have become a very relevant topic for Russian business in very short time. Environmental protection should become one of the central elements of the new national idea and priorities of state policy in all areas. Domestic carbon regulation is also needed and in the near future it is planned to adopt a bill on limiting emissions and the phased introduction of carbon reporting for enterprises. Many companies have begun to use them on the daily basis and have already indicated in their development strategies the large-scale projects for the modernization of existing production facilities.

Finnish companies can offer solutions for waste collection, sorting and recycling, reuse services.

Solutions and products needed:

  • high-quality solutions in waste treatment
  • waste-to-energy
  • infrastructure for recycling
  • waste logistic in North
  • rehabilitating landfills
  • educational programs
  • modernizing technology
  • processing of industrial waste (metallurgical and wood) as well as solutions for collecting them

Team Finland activities for companies:

It would be strongly recommended to take an active part in various events dedicated to Waste management (St. Petersburg Finnish Business 2.12.2021 organized by FRCC, the Consulate and the Embassy of Finland as well as in business missions to the largest cities and regions of Russia (2021: Arkhangelsk (tbc),  Yekaterinburg, Republic of Carelia (tbc), Syktyvkar (tbc), , Tver (tbc). B2B meetings with the waste sector participants (also online), especially with The Regional waste operators. Free consultation by Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce and contact finding.

Participating in international exhibitions:

  • WasteTech 2021 – 8.-10.9.2021, Moscow, Crocus Expo, over 6000 high-quality leads from 72 Russian regions
  • Recycling 2021 – 21.-24.9.2021, Ekaterinburg, Expo
  • Seynartec Ecology 2021 – 28.-29.9.2021, Chelyabinsk
  • City.Ecology.Waste 2021 – 13.-15.10.2021, Novokuznetsk
If interested in this opportunity, please contact:

Elena Marina, Senior Advisor

+7 921 869 0506 (ru, eng, fi)

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