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Private education sector in Russia continues to develop – opportunities for Finnish education providers

The segment of private school education continues to develop in Russia offering significant business potential for Finnish education providers, especially in Kazan, the capital city of Tatarstan.

Each year about 30-36 private schools are opened in Russia. Most of them are located in Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and other big cities such as Ekaterinburg and Kazan. There are currently about 819 private educational organizations operating in Russia.

The state schools dominate the market (share of private education is approximately 5%), but market experts forecast the market share of private schools grow up to 6% by 2021. The results of the all-Russian survey conducted by the FOM (Public Opinion Research Center) also show the high potential of the private educational services: 13% of respondents would prefer to send their child to a private school. In addition, 21% of respondents believe that education and conditions in private schools are better than in public schools.

Additional school education, run 100% by private business, is another segment with good market potential in the private educational services. There is a presidential decree stating that 75% of children between the ages of 7 and 18 must be educated by an additional program, primarily technical and scientific focused. Each year the number of organizations providing such services increases 3.5 times. In 2016, the estimated total volume of the market for additional educational services for school children was 130.3 billion rubles and it is expected to increase on the average 2-3% yearly, reaching 149,2 billion rubles by 2021.

Kazan – a pilot region to enhance its education infrastructure

The Republic of Tatarstan and its capital city Kazan, located about 700 km east of Moscow, is one the most economically developed regions in Russia.

Secondary education in Kazan comprises of:

  • 12 private schools
  • More than 200 state schools
  • 100 private organizations providing additional school education

Tatarstan, along with three other regions, was chosen for a pilot implementation of the initiative system of additional education for children on the basis of state and private partnership. Being a pilot region means creation and development of special education infrastructure, implementation of new programs for additional education and recreation for children. One of such projects in Tatarstan is called “Youth Education Camp – The School Technopark”. Tatarstan has a strong focus on ICT in learning.

A huge work is being done to train school principals and the entire teaching staff. The main aim is to improve professionalism in every position. Various programs are being implemented – educational, motivational, team building, IT training etc. Tatarstan’s strong economy allows implementation of international experience and innovations to education system. The fields in which Finnish education solutions and expertise have the most promising opportunities are:

  • IT, media and digital learning solutions for the education sector
  • Education programs, consultancy
  • School buildings and planning
  • Indoor and outdoor school furniture, equipment and solutions
  • Teacher training

Seize the opportunity – join Team Finland Mission to Kazan in November

The Finnish Russian Chamber of Commerce (FRCC) is able to provide consultations, business meetings and specialized events for Finnish companies with the main market players and regional authorities responsible for education projects in Kazan.

One of suggested ways to seize the opportunities in Tatarstan is to join a Team Finland Mission, led by Ambassador Mikko Hautala, to Kazan November 13-16, 2017. There will be a sectoral program for education companies.

Interested in this opportunity, please contact:

Elena Kozhevnikova
Senior Advisor, FRCC
+7 922 20 20 658

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