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Russia pushes for separate collection of waste – opportunities for Finnish companies

The government set a goal for Russian Ecological Operator (REO) to almost double the availability of separate collection for citizens. Today 26% of population has access to separate collection and till the end of the year the share should be 42%. In practice this goal means investments in separate collection.

According to statistics, there are 92 000 containers for separate collection in use and the demand is to install 420 000 more of them. It is estimated that separate collection is possible in 71 regions. The leading areas are: Moscow, Moscow region, Komi Republic, Pskov, Vologda, Kostroma and Jaroslavl. In the regions, local selected waste operator is responsible for organizing the collection points and is the one purchasing the containers. It is estimated that the purchase of new containers needed will amount to 5.2 billion rubles (around 60 million EUR).

Solutions needed:
waste collection systems and containers

Team Finland services available for companies in order to benefit from this opportunity

It would be strongly recommended to take an active part in various events dedicated to Waste management (St. Petersburg Finnish Business 2.12.2021 organized by FRCC, the Consulate and the Embassy of Finland as well as in business missions to the largest cities and regions of Russia (2021: Arkhangelsk (tbc), Yekaterinburg, Republic of Carelia (tbc), Syktyvkar (tbc), Tver (tbc). There will be B2B meetings with the waste sector participants (also online), especially with The Regional waste operators. Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce provides free of charge consultation and contact finding.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact:

Senior adviser

Elena Marina

+7 921 869 0506

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