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Russian Private School Sector Continues to Grow

Over the last ten years, several private school projects have emerged in Russia. Today there are about 850 private educational institutions. Private schools occupy a niche in the Russian education system and account for about 2% of the total number of all educational institutions. The education market is growing despite the pandemic and the challenges of the economic situation. According to expert estimates private school sector will grow by 4-5 % per year.  E-learning development is additional driver which increase demand on modern schools. The growth of the digital EdTech market in 2020 was about 30-35%, and the growth forecast for 2021 is estimated at 20-25%.

Extensive government-driven plans and growth targets are indicated in the Russian Ministry of Education’s National Education Project for 2019-2024. The purpose of the Project is to introduce new teaching methods and modern teaching technology, as well as to update teaching content and methods in technology-related subjects. In addition, the goal is to establish 25 new schools by the end of 2024 with private investments.

Russian private schools are mostly concentrated in large cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara and Nizhny Novgorod. Moscow and Moscow region offer the most opportunities due to the already existing number of non-state schools – almost 30 % of all private schools are located there.

The new generation of Russian private schools are state-of-the-art educational institutions whose teaching emphasizes individuality, independent thinking and educating students into the demands of modern society. In the private school sector in particular, parents see a child’s education as an investment in the future of the whole family and expect private schools to take an individual approach to the pupil and a higher level of teaching. The advantage of Russian private schools is mainly good infrastructure, highly equipped classrooms and small class sizes. Modern private schools focus more than public sector schools on creating a comfortable learning environment and take a more liberal approach to learning.

Investments in the public sector increase the pressure on private schools to keep up with the competition. This situation pushes private schools to search for new formats of work and use the best international practices. Teachers in private schools are actively developing their own professional skills and seeking lessons. Private schools have more opportunities and resources than public schools to invest in student ergonomics and comfort.

All this opens export opportunities for Finnish companies. Finnish learning philosophy, teaching techniques and innovative environments could be role models for many private schools in Russia, specially in Moscow and St. Petersburg. During distance learning period Russia has woken up to a lack of digital skills for teachers and Finnish EdTech training export companies could have export opportunities for digital teacher training as well as other consultancy.​

Solutions or products needed
  • ​Consultancy on Educational reforms
  • School and Kindergarten concepts
  • Teacher Education and Training
  • Physical, Virtual and Social learning environments
  • Learning Technology and Content

Team Finland activities available for Finnish companies

  • ​Networking and introducing Finnish companies with Russian private schools.
  • Russian market consult services
  • Online event scheduled for Q2 2021 (tbc)

​If interested in this opportunity, please contact:
Elena Kozhevnikova, Senior Advisor
Finnish-Russian Chamber of commerce – FRCC,
+7 922 202 0658

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