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Telemedicine business is expected to boom in Russia since Q1 2017

Russia (President´s Administration) has announced to develop telemedicine business in Russia. During 2016 two working groups have developed documents that contain measures for the development of e-health in Russia (online sales of medicines and the development of telemedicine services). Target is set to have 25% of all medical organizations to be able to provide telemedicine services in 2018 and up to 10% of medicines to be sold online in Russia. It is expected that during Q1 2017 legislation will be adopted.

​This is a totally new market in Russia (new legislation in Q1 2017). Telemedicine business in booming, newcomers are warmly welcome to the market. It is expected that during Q1 2017 new legislation (which makes telemedicine legal) will be adopted. There are around 27.000 medical organizations in Russia, 29% are state owned or around 7.830. 25% = 1.957 (as for 2014).

Offerings (products, services, solutions) relevant to this opportunity:

IT solutions, best practices, know-hows, experience sharing

Activities of foreign companies in Russia at the moment:
Even if telemedicine market in Russia is still very young, foreign companies are already rather active on it:

1. Huawei is very active on Russian telemedicine market (HD multi channels solutions for telemedicine)

2. Avaya is active on the market as well

3. In Dec 2015 Bayer and Fund of Internet Initiatives Development have signed an agreement under which they will develop the market Russian IT-startups in the field of medicine (including telemedicine). The highest demand is on projects that allow distance health diagnostics, adjustment of treatment process, etc.

4. Cisco is supporting Russian school of telemedicine​

For more information and possibilities, please contact:

Alexey Kozlov
Senior Advisor, Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce
+7 812 322 21 21

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