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The city of St. Petersburg invites Finnish companies to offer solutions for the smart city

St. Petersburg City Administration has published a concept document ”Smart City St. Petersburg”. The document was produced jointly by representatives from scientific, business and public organizations in accordance with the ”Strategy of Economic and Social Development of St. Petersburg until 2030” and ”The program Digital Economy of the Russian Federation”.

The city of St. Petersburg has a population equal to whole population of Finland. The Smart St. Petersburg concept involves the extensive use of information technologies that will manage urban resources and economic activities in health, education, social sphere, housing and communal services, transport, landscape and ecology.

The project aims to make St. Petersburg more comfortable for its citizens by enabling the citizens to be more involved in the city’s decision-making processes.

The project’s developers have launched a website in order to provide information about the project.

Finnish companies in the field of urban development can use the platform to upload proposals on how to improve the city. The suggestions will undergo several stages of assessment:

  • Applications are reviewed by a moderator.
  • Proposals are reviewed by a panel of experts.
  • Proposals are shared on the website where every citizen review and comment.

If the proposal is approved by the experts and citizens it is included on a list that will be submitted to the Governor of St. Petersburg.

The Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce together with Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg will organize special events with the key organizations responsible for the project: ITMO University, RUSSOFT Association and Saint Petersburg City Administration.


For more information, please contact:

Evgeniy Korobkin 
Senior Adviser, The Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce
+7 903 245 8165


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