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The Russian sawmilling industry is growing and opening new opportunities

The sawnwood output in Russia has more than doubled since 2000. According to the national statistics, Russia produced 28,6 mln cub m. of sawnwood in 2020 and Sawmill industry is among 3 sectoral segments which showed growth. Most of the producers, especially large-scale ones, focus their sales on the export market which makes them quite flexible despite weak rouble situation.


Extensive Russian government-driven plans and initiatives for increasing the sector’s share are focused in ”Forest Sector Strategy until 2030” and aimed to stimulate domestic demand and export activities. Action plan suggests support and practical steps which provide further development of processing industries, initiates implementation of new technologies required for realisation of large-scale priority investment projects for the upcoming years.

Wooden construction boom started in Russia since beginning of 2020 is another driver which increase domestic demand on sawmill products. According to Russian Woodhouse Association, during 2020 the demand for wooden houses increased and expected growth for next 6 month is 15-20%. However, the industry still uses worn-out and outdated equipment which should be replaced by modern units in order to produce high quality competitive products. Realisation of new ambitious investment projects also require needs in relevant equipment.

This presents an excellent opportunity for Finnish companies as Finland has strong reputation and a varied portfolio of technical solutions and know-how to cover the sawmill production needs.


  • companies providing technical solutions and products actual for sawmill industry

Solutions or products needed

  • Cutting solutions
  • Chippers
  • Harvesting, Storage and Logistics products
  • Equipment & Solutions for Drying
  • Measuring systems
  • Automation & Electronics
  • Production Planning Systems
  • Auditing and other consulting


​Networking is essential for succeeding on the market. Events, meetings and business missions provide possibilities of strong cooperation with main stakeholders.

To grab this opportunity and have possibility to meet your potentials please consider Team Finland events arranged by the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce together with Team Finland and The Embassy of Finland in Moscow and The Consulate General in St. Petersburg.

  • Finnish Business in St. Petersburg , Q4 2021 (tbc)
  • TF delegation visit to Ekaterinburg, Q4 2021 (tbc)

Are you interested in seizing the opportunity?

Please contact:
Elena Kozhevnikova, Senior Advisor
Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce, Yekaterinburg,
+7 922 20 20 658 (En, Rus)



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