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Vocational education opportunities in Russia for Finnish education providers

The vocational education and training sector in Russia, especially in Tatarstan, offers significant opportunities for Finnish education provides. There is a strong interest in the Finnish offering.

There is a growing demand for training and education programs (complete qualification or parts) in many regions in Russia. One of the regions that provides significant opportunities for Finnish education companies and institutions is the Republic of Tatarstan.

Tatarstan looking for innovative solutions

The Republic of Tatarstan, and in particular its capital Kazan, is one of the most developed regions of Russia, both in terms of economy and industry development. Tatarstan focuses to develop its economy with innovative solutions, and vocational education plays a very important role in this work. Throughout the region, many projects are being implemented using international standards and equipment. However, there is a shortage of skilled workers in the region and the excising vocational education system needs to be upgraded according to business needs and international standards.

The current system of vocational education of Tatarstan includes a network of primary vocational schools, secondary vocational schools (colleges) and training centers for enterprises. More than 80 000 students are currently educated in the institutions of primary and secondary vocational education. There are several large industrial enterprises (having more than 1000 workers) constantly training their new employees.

There is demand especially for teaching materials, educational software and innovative training programs in the key areas of vocation education in Tatarstan:

  • Manufacturing of transport equipment
  • Chemicals and chemical products
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Production of petroleum products
  • Production and distribution of electricity, gas, water
  • Tourism and HoReCa

The key plans for the development of vocational education in Tatarstan are:

  • Integration of vocational education to the regional economy.
  • Creating a nationwide system of quality control of professional education.
  • Development of training programs and training students in above mentioned key areas according to international standards.
  • Attracting the best teachers of the Russian Federation and other countries to work in the vocational education and training sector.
  • Development of applied skills of management and teaching staff of universities (training in industrial enterprises etc.).

Competitive advantage of the Finnish offering

Finnish education has a good reputation in Russia and there is a long-standing cooperation between Finland and Russia in the education sector. Delegations from Tatarstan, with business and officials represented, visit Finland on a regular basis. Tatarstan has confirmed their interest to cooperate in the field of education, including vocational education and training. Private business in Tatarstan is flexible and have enough financial sources for staff trainings. There are direct flights between Kazan and Helsinki providing good possibilities to send employees to Finland to trainings.

Interested in this opportunity, please contact:

Senior Advisor

Elena Kozhevnikova
+7 922 20 20 658

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