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Wind energy opportunities in Russia

Russia has established an objective to achieve a 4.5 % share of renewables (excluding hydroelectric power stations) in the total electricity generation by 2020.

The target is ambitious. In 2014, the share of electricity production from renewable sources stood at only 0.024 %. Meanwhile, a lack of local wind turbine producers – and producers of other necessary equipment – is holding back the development of wind energy in Russia.

However, a recent change in the legislation sets new targets for wind energy. For instance, the targeted production capacity of wind energy for 2015-2024 stands at 3600 MW. Moreover, there are plenty of new and ongoing wind energy projects in the Russian market.

Next steps

Interested Finnish companies could take part in appropriate conferences and seminars in Russia. For example, at the Annual conference of RAWI, 01.12.2017 in Moscow, Russia. Additionally, there is a possibility to organize direct B2B meetings for them.

Interested in this opportunity, please contact:

Alexei Kozlov
Senior Advisor, FRCC
+7 812 322 21 21 (+ 358 9 424 50 831)

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