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Engineering equipment is needed for Russian company

Russian engineering company with many years of experience in supplying equipment from Finland to Russian facilities has decided to expand its scope of activities. The company specializes in the supply of off-site utilities: stormwater treatment systems, as well as the treatment of greasy wastewater, sand separators, oil separators, grease separators, filters, wells, etc. The company has implemented projects for more than 6 thousand industrial, housing, infrastructure, and other facilities for 25 years of work. The company is developing and is interested in launching international innovations into its current projects, especially those made in Finland. The company is interested in receiving offers from Finnish manufacturers of following equipment: – pumping stations (canalization and others), – biological wastewater treatment systems for wastewater disinfection, – systems for the preparation, storage and distribution of salt solutions, – composite tanks for storage and transportation of aggressive chemistry, – and others: the company is ready to cooperate in other promising areas.

Interested? Be in touch with our senior business advisor Evegeniy Korobkin.

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