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Looking for a Finnish construction company for a residential complex construction project

A St. Petersburg based development company (in operation for 15 years on the Russian Real Estate market undertaking development projects in the area of individual houses and cottage estates) is looking for a Finnish partner, a construction company, as a subcontractor for constructing of a residential complex of buildings (a house, guest house and sauna) near Imatra.
The company in question must have all the necessary permits and certificates for such works (obtaining a construction permit in the local municipality, the construction of the foundation, the assembly of the house-set of laminated veneer lumber, installation of building systems, interior decoration.

Please contact:

Elena Marina (ru-eng-fi)
Senior Advisor
+7 921 869 05 06


Pietarin Finnish Business -tapahtumassa 23.4. 2020 mukana rakentaminen! Ilmoittaudu mukaan.

Finnish Business in St.Petersburg 23.4.2020




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