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Russian company is interested in sawtimber processing equipment – pine, fir, larch and their wood waste





The following equipment are needed:

• drying tunnel for lining and floorboard
• machines for lining production and floorboard
• machine for regularized round timber
• machine for chipped wood
• drying tunnel for chipped wood and cuttings
• feed-line for chipped wood and cuttings
• production line for wood laminates and OSB (oriented strand) boards
• production line for sandwich panels used with transported polystyrol

The company would like to get commercial offers from Finnish companies, price list, delivery costs, including installation and start-up work, user training for staff, estimation of the manufacturing time for the needed equipment.

For more details please contact:

Elena Kozhevnikova

Senior Advisor
Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce
+7 922 2020 658 (eng-rus)

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