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Russian company is looking for clean energy technologies and equipment

A Russian company which specializes mainly in different hydro-technical works (dredging and cleaning water bodies, landscaping and construction and reconstruction of coast line, reinforcing river banks, constructing dams) is interested in clean energy technologies and equipment.
They are looking for a lot of different products and solutions (see list below). These equipment will be used in company’s own projects and also sold to other Russian companies.

1. Equipment for mini hydroelectric power plants
1.1 Water turbines, impellers
1.2 Reducers
1.3 Generators for stationary stations
1.4 Water flow control shutters
1.5 Actuating mechanisms, hydraulics, hydraulic actuators
1.6 Automatic and remote control mechanisms

2. Submersible (flow) mini hydroelectric power generators.

3. Combined turbine / generator power units (connected to the pipeline).

4. Wind generators
4.1 Propeller wind generators
4.2 Rotary wind generators

5. Helio power station

6. Power stores, inverters

7. Converters of thermal energy into electrical (thermoelectric)

8. Geothermal heating systems, heat pumps

Please contact:

Irina Krasnova (RU-FIN)
Advisor, FRCC
+7 812 322 2121
+7 921 796 0338

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