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Water treatment technologies and equipment are needed in Russia

Russian engineering company is interested in modern equipment and technologies for water treatment for implementation in its current projects.

The most interesting specialties are:

– wastewater treatment at airports (against anti-icing fluid (ethylene glycol) diluted in storm drains)
– wastewater treatment containing heavy metals (including galvanic drains)
– treatment of highly diluted wastewater (with combined household and industrial sewage systems)
– desalination and evaporation plants (utilization of concentrates)
– wastewater treatment from greenhouse complexes
– wastewater treatment from dairies (including effluents containing whey)
– equipment for water processing and wastewater treatment (flotators, mechanical screens, pumps, dosing equipment, sludge dewatering, pressure and non-pressure filters, separation equipment, shut-off and control valves, etc.)

Please contact us if you are producer of such technologies and equipment:

Evgeniy Korobkin
Senior Advisor, FRCC
+7 903 245 81 65


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