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Market Study: Opportunities in Russian Agro Sector

The agroindustry has always been one of the most important sectors in Russia. By volume of investments directed to innovative projects, the agricultural sector ranks second in Russia. This is the sector that is showing growth.

Russian Government amended the State Program for the Development of Agriculture which provides significant financing of the industry and The Ministry of Agriculture endorsed 464 projects totaling 3,8 bln EUR.

Finnish companies may find opportunities as economically strong Russian agro companies seek to expand in order to satisfy a growing demand for domestically produced food.

Therefore, there is a significant need for large-scale replacement of old agricultural equipment in the next few years. Agro-holdings, huge farming conglomerates controlling millions of hectares of land, alongside mid-to-small range enterprises all need supplying.

For Finnish companies, business potential is big in such areas as:

  • Forage, irrigation and soil preparation equipment including plows, harrows, cultivators, seeders, fertilizer spreaders etc.
  • Equipment for dairy livestock breeding, swine, and poultry production; milk processing and animal feeding equipment.
  • Equipment for vegetable production including greenhouse technologies.
  • Compact agricultural machinery
  • Smart farming technologies including Internet of Things & Sensors in crop farming equipment; Drones & crop monitoring; Automation & robotics

In case you want to order the full study and learn more about the Russian agro sector, please contact:

Elena Kozhevnikova
Senior Advisor,
Bioeconomy, Manufacturing, Education

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