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Market Study: Russian waste management

Market research on Russian waste management system and its opportunities for Finnish Business is a review of the current municipal solid waste management in Russia.

The report explores in detail the legislative base of Russian waste management and what the ‘garbage reform’ means, including expanded producer and manufacturer responsibility and the regional operator -system. Three regions will be examined more closely; Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar.

For the businesses interested in the Russian waste market, the report introduces several successful examples from the field and in the end proposes concrete business opportunities to explore in the sector.

Primary the study is aimed for Finnish businesses interested in Russian waste market. However, the study is also useful for businesses and industries that operate in Russia and need to organize their waste management after the reform. Of course, any other readers interested in the topic e.g. in research purposes are very welcome to explore the report.

In case you want to order the full study and learn more about the Russian waste management system, please contact:

Elena Marina
Senior Advisor

Keskustelua aiheesta

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