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LLC FORMULATI is an independent subsidiary of Formulati Consulting AB (Sweden).
We were established in 1994 in St. Petersburg, Russia as a POYRY GROUP (Finland) branch.
In June 2014, multinational company Ramboll acquired part of POYRY business in Finland and our company, at that time called POYRY LLC, changed the name to «Ramboll» LLC. In June 2016, due to change the owner, «Ramboll» LLC has changed the name to LLC FORMULATI.

Our key business are:

• Industrial enterprisers
• Logistics centers and warehouses
• Transport infrastructures
• Water supply and sewage networks and waste management
• Hotels, offices, retail outlets, sports facilities and trade and entertainment malls
• Retail networks
• Residential buildings
• Facility technical and environmental survey/Due Diligence

Construction and Engineering
Our services include entire investment cycle: from preparation of project concept to project commissioning. Depending on client’s project policy, we are also prepared to manage project being as General Contractor.

If necessary, our experts can also join the project at earlier phase to evaluate possible project location places, burdens, capital investments in to utility networks (“Technical Due Diligence”), preparation of project concept, feasibility study, basic project design, etc. We propose entire range of services to perform functions of customer based on permits from Self-Regulated Organizations (SRO) for engineering and construction according to current Federal and local laws, building codes and technical regulations.

• Preparation of design specification
• Engineering (*experience in using Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies together with our Russian and foreign partners for project engineering and management)
• Design implementation (Author) supervision
• Adaptation of foreign design documentation according to Russian regulations
• Technical Client’s functions
• Construction supervision
• Risk expertise and evaluation
• Technical and ecological Due Diligence
• Project budget estimates

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