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Club: Finland in Spief 2022


February 10
8.00 – 9.00 (EET)
via Teams

The annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum SPIEF is approaching in June 2022 and some companies are now considering their participation.

East Office of Finnish Industries and Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce will organise a joint event on February 10th focusing entirely on SPIEF. In addition to the general information, we will offer concrete examples from previous years and share our tips and tricks to help our companies get the most out of SPIEF in case they choose to attend.

What is Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum? Which companies should consider attending it and why? How to best prepare for it in advance and how can you ensure your company gets the most out of it?


What is SPIEF and how to make a most of it
Jaana Rekolainen, CEO of FRCC
Lauri Veijalainen, CEO of East Office
Jari Jumpponen, Head of Moscow Office, East Office

Fortum’s reflections from previous SPIEFs
Markus Rauramo, CEO of Fortum

Finland in SPIEF2022
Sannamaaria Vanamo, Ambassador of Finland to Russia


The event is organised exclusively for companies of East Office and FRCC. Please register by 4th of February. The link to the event will be sent a day before.


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