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SVKK Club Online: Artificial Intelligence as a machine serving human needs


18.11., 10.00-12.00 (Finnish time)
The language of the event is English (no translation).

Experts from Finland and Russia will share their knowledge and practices.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an essential part of our lives. Its presence is reflected in all types of human activities and business processes, starting with products and services, design, projects, as well as in information aggregation and analysis.

How to live with it and what to expect in the future? During the event the speakers will try to answer these and other questions.


Eetu Laaksonen, Chief Technical Officer, M-Brain
Alexander Ermakov,
managing partner, Awara IT
Natalie Neverovskaya

Event program

The Road to Artificial General Intelligence and how it affects our way of consuming information
Eetu Laaksonen,
Chief Technical Officer, M-Brain

  • how close we are to the artificial, human-like, general intelligence
  • how the latest breakthroughs are being used in business context
  • how to cope with the information overload

How to use smart cloud technologies and AI in the modern world
Alexander Ermakov,
managing partner, Awara IT
The speaker will share real life case studies of smart cloud technologies and will focus on how AI supports companies in various verticals (from cafes to mining giants) to improve their business processes.

How to organize the digital transformation of your business
Natalie Neverovskaya
How well we are prepared for the new digital business relations? How to handle the particular cases in a way that best fits the legal landscape in Russia?

  • Artificial intelligence and personal data in Russia
  • The importance of a corporate web site


The terms of participation and registration:
The event is only for FRCC members.

Contact: Irina Krasnova, +7 921 796 0338

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