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SVKK Club Online: COVID-19: Legal Update

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Join in SVKK Club Online to get the latest updates on corporate law issues concenring COVID-19 situation.

  1. Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the performance of contracts
    • Does coronavirus constitute force majeure?
    • What can be done if contract performance becomes difficult or disadvantageous?
    • What can be done if a counterparty does not fulfill its contractual obligations on grounds of force majeure?
    • Impact on foreign trade contracts. What risks arise from tough currency laws: can liability for not repatriating currency earnings be avoided?
  2. Labor and migration relations amid the coronavirus pandemic
    • Border closing: What to do with foreign workers in Russia?
    • Can visas and work permits be extended?
    • How to reduce staff costs in the current situation?
    • What measures should employers take?
    • When is it possible to continue working offline despite the quarantine?
  3. Who is eligible for the latest tax benefits?
  4. Tax on dividends payable abroad at the rate of 15%: what does this really mean?


Mikhail Borodin, Counsel at Forte Tax & Law
Julia Talagaeva, Senior Associate at Forte Tax & Law

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