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Russian mining industry is focusing on further growth and efficiency improvement under the global challenges

Russia is one of the main producers of metals and minerals in the world. The industry plays a significant role in the Russian economy and unlike the oil & gas industry, most mining companies are privately owned.

According to Rosstat, in 2019, Russian mining industry showed a 4% growth, outstripping many other key industries. Gold production had an even faster growth of 13%. During announced quarantine measures extractive industries continue to operate. In fact, they plan to expand the output to offset declining world prices. Further deposits in the Ural, Tula, North-West, Siberian and other regions are to be developed in near future as it is announced by the key industry players. However, to maintain its current growth, the industry players have to follow the global development trends, focus on modernization, implementation of innovative solutions and increasing safety.

Here are the main current Russian mining drivers to follow:

  • Technical upgrading
  • Digitalization
  • Environmental management
  • Improvement of workers safety and health

Smart mining is also a key trend in the future.

Several National Priority Projects of the Russian Federation affect social and economic development and Mining industry in particular. For instance, according to the ”National program Digital economy”, it is suggested that implementation of digital solutions will allow to improve cost-effectiveness and provide increase in coal output up to 5-7% by 2024. Norilsk Nickel has already announced that it will equip its Krasnoyarsk mines with new digital centres from now until 2021.

Essentially, the industry is still very much reliant on international equipment and technical solutions to maintain its current growing production volumes which opens up opportunities for foreign suppliers.

Finland has a varied portfolio of mining related products and solutions to cover the need.


  • mining technology and service companies
  • companies providing digital solutions for mining industry
  • companies providing water & environment management solutions
  • companies offering other mining related supporting services like education and research


  • drilling equipment and solutions
  • exploration, field work and logging
  • mining and processing equipment and technologies
  • flotation & processing solutions
  • ore processing and screening solutions
  • automation of production processes and industrial information.
  • mining training services, including VR
  • ICT and data integration solutions, on-line measurements and modelling
  • engineering, improved mine planning and other consulting services
  • mine safety products and services
  • environment and waste water treatment solutions, on-site environmental monitoring
  • other mining related solutions and products


​To grab this opportunity and have the possibility to meet and partner with key industry companies and other stakeholders please consider

  • Team Finland delegation visit to Ekaterinburg (Q4) arranged by the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce together with Team Finland and The Embassy of Finland in Moscow.


Are you interested in seizing the opportunity?

Please contact Elena Kozhevnikova, Senior Advisor Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce e.kozhevnikova (at), +7 922 20 20 658

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