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Special offer for clothes and footwear labelling automation from Awara IT

Awara IT is delighted to present a special offer for all SVKK members operating in Russia: mandatory clothes and footwear labelling automation based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC. This solution will support companies to meet local legislation requirements for labelling. For more information please email us:

Mandatory clothes and footwear labelling is regulated by certain Russian laws. According to the official announcements, all types of products, from food, essential goods to cigarettes, will be a subject to mandatory labelling in Russia by 2024. Awara IT offers a smooth integration for this mandatory clothes and footwear labelling between ‘Chestny Znak’ (Russian track and trace digital system) and Microsoft Dynamics for all SVKK members that operate in Russia. This integration guarantees a transparent tracking of footwear and clothes, using marking codes. It also includes integration with EDI solutions, logistic companies’ portals, 1C accounting software, Ozon, and more.

Special offers to the Members of the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce:

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